Detegasa & Argos
The picture was taken during the event to welcome Detegasa workers into the Argos Group of Companies. The event was held in Ferrol at the Pazo da Merced last week.

ARGOS, a company formed by professionals with wide experience in public management, technology and industry in Defence and Security sectors, has inked the deal to acquire the full ownership of Detegasa on June 21st.

ARGOS is a private Spanish group focused on strategic consulting in projects and technological solutions for Defence and Security.

“Based on the knowledge of the current requirements and challenges faced by Government and Industry and through the identification of technological gaps, ARGOS selects and promotes initiatives that can solve a necessity, match a specific need or provide a technological solution to the military sector”.

This acquisition has taken place under the area of Development of Industrial companies participated by the group as one of the three business lines of Argos Group.

After the deal, Argos Group has appointed a brand-new Board of Directors for DETEGASA whose new president is Mr. Juan Baena. José Antonio Bartrina is one of the new shareholders and has been appointed as CEO. The current management team has been ratified in their positions, with Andres Moya as General Manager.

Argos is pleased and motivated with the acquisition of a company with a broad experience, enormous technical knowledge and an important market share in the shipbuilding industry. In addition to this, Argos plan is to enhance the capabilities of Detegasa to explore new markets and develop further the current ones.

Moreover, Argos fully believes that Detegasa’s experience in worldwide renowned projects, blended with their own expertise in the military sector, will be the motor that drives a successful development for the group of companies.

For this new stage we, DETEGASA and ARGOS invite all internal and external partners to continue being part of this adventure of growing together.