Detegasa delivers a bespoke Helicopter Refueling System

Detegasa delivers a bespoke Helicopter Refueling System

Detegasa is proud to announce the successful delivery of a bespoke Helicopter Refueling System for one of its client.

In this project Detegasa has designed, engineered and manufactured a Helicopter Refueling System for the supply and treatment of RT, TS and TS-1 fuels as per the GOST 10227-86 standards.

The delivered refueling system consists of two modules, comprising of several fine purification filters, filter separators, sampling appliances, an anti-icing dosing system, and gravity & pressure refueling capabilities.

The system does not include portable aviation refueling tanks as the vessel has a structural tank.

Along with the two modules, a floating suction has been supplied to be installed on the fuel structural tank. The floating suction is designed to aspirate the fuel 500 mm below the surface to avoid water and sediments to be aspirated from the bottom of the tank.

 The system has sample hoses located at three different levels of the tank thus allowing better sampling.