Detegasa sewage treatment plants review

Detegasa sewage treatment plants review

Thanks to its efforts in R&D, last year Detegasa  launched to the market its new series of biological sewage treatment plants for the treatment of black and grey waters on board.

These new series of plants are having a tremendous success in the market of biological sewage treatment on board merchant ships and offshore vessels as they are  an optimal solution which is more compact, requires minimum maintenance and delivers a high quality effluent while keeping one of the most competitive levels in the market.

They are being used for new buildings and even for special repair jobs where modular constructions are required to fit in the hatches of the ship.

Nowadays, Detegasa has over 60 models of Sewage Treatment Plants fully certified according to the latest regulations and based in three different concepts.

The first one is the biological conventional treatment which is used to ensure the compliance of the latest regulation in the treatment of black and grey waters.

The second concept is a state of the art technology which is based in the filtration through submerged membranes, combined with a biological reactor that ensures a more advanced water treatment.

At last, Detegasa also produces physical chemical sewage treatment units for applications in the defense market.

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