Factors which affect separation process in Oily Water Separator on ships

Factors which affect separation process in Oily Water Separator on ships

Oily Water Separators are designed to separate hydrocarbons from oil water coming from the bilge of the ship. Then, it delivers a cleaner effluent which can be discharged overboad according to the IMO regulation.

However, in spite of the suitable design of the equipment functioning, it is impossible to forecast each particular condition under the oily water separator will work. There are various sources of contamination in the bilge water on a ship.

In view of this, it is necessary to know the factors which can influence the process of separation:

  • Design factors which can affect the basic working of the equipment and the enhancements made for marine context.
  • Operational factors on the procedures.
  • Bilge management.
  • Care and maintenance.
  • Equipment specific knowledge. Depending on the variety of oily water separator, each kind of equipment has its own peculiarity.
  • Crew attitude and aptitude and their knowledge of the equipment.
  • Good house keeping.

The main advantage of the Oily Water Separatos designed by Detegasa is their monitor, which include two cells. Each one measures the water quality from each tank. Therefore, it is possible to measure in real time the water quality of each tank.

The OWSAN series uses a coalescent filter in the first stage to separate the hydrocarbons by gravity and an adsorption filter in the second stage acting as emulsion breaker.

If the 15ppm quality is reached, it is possible to do a bypass, which can avoid using the filters of the second stage in order to extend their life cycle.

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