Waste water treatment, either biological or physical chemical always generate some amount of waste called sludge. For this reason, in some projects our clients require an additional step to be performed in order to dewater the sludge and get rid of it so that the space on board the ship is optimized and the cost of waste management reduced.

Bearing on this matter, Detegasa has engineered a customized solution for one of its customers, a system which dewaters the sludge that is produced by the sewage treatment plant so that they can get rid of the solid waste, by burning it in the incinerator afterwards.

The sludge dewatering skid comprises of a decanter with helicoidal impeller located at the upper part of the skid beneath the drum, a small sludge tank, a transfer pump for the separated water and a transfer pump for the remaining dewatered sludge.

The structure of the skid is fitted with special anti- vibration dampers and flexible hoses/ connections which allow the skid to absorb the vibrations generated during the centrifugal separation.

The drum spins at a nominal speed of around 15.000 rpm to separate the water from the sludge, thanks to the centrifugal force.

By means of another pump, the removed water is transferred back to the Sewage Treatment Plant from the tank (which is controlled by levels), while the sludge is stored into the skid’s sludge tank in order to be dosed to the incinerator by means of a screw pump and a mono progressing cavity pump.

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