Training with BAE Systems on 5’S at our facilities.

Training with BAE Systems on 5’S at our facilities.

In a joint effort between the continuous development practices of Detegasa and the aim of BAE systems to support the improvements of its suppliers we are now implementing the 5S methodology in Detegasa.

This week we have received the visit of two trainers from BAE systems as part of a programme to get our employees acquainted with the 5’s system. It is a methodology which aims to improve the order and cleaningness to ensure better performance and improve the work atmosphere in a permanent way.

There are five stages of the process which are: Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standarize and Sustain.

In some field, 5S has become 6S, the sixth element being safety.

The 5’s principles began in Japan back in the 1960’s as part of the Just In Time concept , being Toyota the first renowned company to set up the concept in their production processes.

The companies who have applied at least the 3’s have encountered the following benefits.

– 40% Reduction in maintenance costs.

– 70% Reduction in work accidents.

– 10% Increase in equipment reliability.

– 15% Increase in time between failure.

Other benefits the 5S programme would provide the organization are teamwork, more commitment of the employees towards the company and new ideas to improve their work on a daily basis besides functioning under a LEAN methodology labour environment.

For this reason Detegasa hopes to encounter several benefits more by implementing this methodology.