World Water Day: the importance of water treatment to preserve the environment

World Water Day: the importance of water treatment to preserve the environment

March 22 is the World Water Day. On this date it is intended to emphasize the importance of water as a fundamental element of life and an essential part for the conservation of the environment and human development.

Each year, March 22 becomes a date to claim the importance of this element. Specifically, in 2017 the UN calls this year to focus on the management of wastewater and the reuse of water resources.

Approximately 71% of the land surface is covered with water, although only 2% is potable. Because of this, caring and conservation of ecosystems is fundamental. According to the UN, half of the world’s population will live somewhere with shortages of fresh water. This is because more than 80% of the wastewater we generate returns to ecosystems without being treated or recycled.

Detegasa: more than 50 years committed to the treatment of wastewater

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On this World Water Day Detegasa reaffirms once again its commitment to the environment. Therefore, we continue developing and investing in R & D solutions to achieve continuous improvement of our technologies.

This innovation translates into the effort of Detegasa to provide the most innovative technologies in the care of the environment in a safe, effective and according to legislation. In addition, our wastewater treatment plants materialize as in the rest of our products.

If you want to know more about Detegasa and its commitment, you can know more by visiting our website.