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Customized Solutions for Navy

Detegasa’s design and manufacture capabilities allow us to develop special equipment out of the general portfolio, like AFFF firefighting stations, cooling systems, safety nets for flying decks, etc.

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AFFF Fire Fighting Stations

The Fire Fighting Stations are a vital part of the ship's global firefighting system. Their modular format ensures ease and safety of operation. The stations inject a concentrated anti-fire foam into the seawater, providing an appropriate foam concentration to combat fires with efficiency and effectiveness.

Detegasa AFFF Fire Fighting Stations
Detegasa Cooling Systems

Cooling Systems

The cooling systems have been expertly designed to maintain the optimal temperature of various equipment, including electronic components for the ship's combat system, bow thrusters, and engines. These systems can confidently work with ultrapure or potable water and regulate the temperature through a highly efficient heat exchanger.

Automatic Safety Nets

Detegasa manufactures hydraulic foldable automatic safety nets, to be placed on the ship’s deck, guaranteeing crew safety and preventing any accidental falls into the sea during helicopter operations like landing, refueling, loading, etc. Besides, the hydraulic central mechanism ensures a simple and effortless operation of the nets.

Detegasa Automatic Safety Nets
Detegasa Explosion Venting Devices

Explosion Venting Devices

Detegasa has also designed and manufactured Explosion Venting Devices, conceived to mitigate the risk of storing explosives or equipment with a risk of explosion or auto-ignition inside a vessel, avoiding pressure peaks and therefore, relevant structural damages, thus preserving the vessel’s integrity.

Submarine Multi-Tubular Heat Exchangers

The Detegasa Submarine multi-tubular Heat Exchangers have been designed to cool the deionized water used in the refrigeration of the submarine batteries cooling system, in order to prevent overheating. The equipment features a leak detection chamber for both fluids, and is made of a combination of the most resistant and high-quality materials, such as stainless steel 316L, CuNi and CuAl, fulfilling special requirements of pressure, shock, noise and vibrations.

Detegasa Submarine Multi-Tubular Heat Exchangers
  • Waste Treatment Solutions

    Dealing with the waste generated onboard according to regulations is mandatory to avoid sanctions and contribute to ocean conservation. Detegasa's waste treatment solutions play a crucial role in achieving these goals.

  • Water Treatment Solutions

    Detegasa’s water treatment Systems ensure clean and sustainable water resources for a better future. Detegasa’s cutting-edge technologies enhance water quality, benefiting both marine ecosystems and human communities.

  • Fuel Treatment Solutions

    Detegasa Refueling Systems offer precise, fast, and reliable refuelling solutions for helicopters, drones, boats, or vehicles (HRS, BRS, VRS), including in-flight HIFR.

  • 360-degree life cycle support

    360-degree life cycle support

    With a permanent staff present in all the naval bases in Spain, Detegasa offers a close and agile maintenance and support service.

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