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Water Treatment Solutions

Detegasa Water Treatment systems are the top choice for hundreds of Navy and civil vessels worldwide, thanks to their unbeatable reliability and low maintenance requirements. With a high quality-price ratio, these units are the clear winner for shipowners and operators looking for the best value.

Commited to Quality:
  • Clean Seas
    through efficient Systems
  • Perfecting Vessels
    while preserving Oceans
  • Over 3.000

Precision-engineered solutions to optimize water quality across various applications.

Detegasa’s water treatment systems ensure clean and sustainable water resources for a better future. Detegasa’s cutting-edge technologies enhance water quality, benefiting both marine ecosystems and human communities.

Detegasa Water Treatment Solutions
  • Ballast Water Management

    Detegasa BWMS System is an exceptional choice, offering a perfect combination of the smallest footprint with energy efficiency, versatile installation options, and user-friendly operation.

  • Detegasa Fresh Water Generators

    Fresh Water Generators (R.O.)

    Reverse Osmosis technology is an effective method for producing fresh or technical water on board Navy ships. As water is absolutely essential for life, it is a top priority for seafarers. Detegasa RO systems are expertly designed to address these common issues on board.

  • Detegas Hydrophore Groups

    Hydrophore Groups

    Ensuring a smooth supply of pressurized water to the main points of consumption in a vessel. Supplying fresh water in suitable conditions is quite important for any kind of vessel. Detegasa presents hydrophore groups with a very easy operation and maintenance.

  • Detegasa Potable Water Heaters

    Potable Water Heaters

    Detegasa is thrilled to offer a wide range of fully automatic and highly customizable potable water heaters that are crucial for improving crew comfort on board.

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