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Helicopter Refueling System

Detegasa Refueling Systems are the leading choice for megayachts, cruise and research vessels, OSVs, and Navy ships worldwide. With a wide range of standard and bespoke fuel treatment systems, including storage, filtration, pumping, and dispensing units, Detegasa ensures the highest quality fuel supply.

Commited to Quality:
  • 360-degree
    refueling solutions
  • 100%
    customized to fulfill all project requirements
  • HIFR
    “Helicopter In Flight Refueling” available

Detegasa Refueling Systems offer precise, fast, and reliable refuelling solutions for helicopters, drones, boats, or vehicles (HRS, BRS, VRS), including in-flight HIFR.

Our systems comply with the main aviation regulations and classification societies, and are available for a wide range of fuels. We provide close technical support from the design stage to finding the most suitable solution to meet your needs.

Detegasa Helicopter Refueling System

Main Features

  • Designed according CAP 437 and CAP 748 civil aviation rules
  • Filtration EI 1581 & 1583 compliant
  • Available for fuels like JET A-1, JP5, JP8, AVCAT, TR1, among others
  • ATEX components available
  • Wide range of capacities from 90 to 680 l/min (other ones available under request)

Main Advantages

  • Strong support at every stage of the project, including commissioning
  • Includes Fire Fighting system mounted on tanks skid
  • Customized engineering, to meet the project specifications
  • Great versatility in uses and configurations
  • High mobility of the final solution, well in a container, well by independent modules
  • Total autonomy of supply, avoiding dependence on third parties to perform the refuel
  • Capable of being installed outdoors

Main Components

  • Pumps unit: redundant twin pump system, according to CAP 437, designed to transfer fuel from the Fuel Tank(s) through the dispensing unit at 3,5-bar pressure.
  • Dispenser unit: weather-proof cabinet with a roller shutter door, including a filter separator and water monitor or combined three-stage filter vessel (coalescent, separator and monitor), flow meter, local control panel, filling nozzle (gravity & pressure), grounding system, manual or automatic hose reel.
Detegasa Refueling Pump Unit
Detegasa Refueling Laydown


  • Aero-transportable tanks: DNV GL 2.7-1 approved, manufactured in stainless steel, with optional features such as deluge system, thermometer, level transmitter and manual or pneumatic opening. Our standard 2900 litres capacity, can be customized in between 2000 and 6000 litres.
  • Laydown skid: designed to install the portable tanks and the static storage tanks, protected against fire with a deluge system. Manufactured in mild steel. Equipped with a drip tray covering the whole area, lifting lugs, buffer frame and deluge line with spray nozzles.
  • Defueling system
  • In-Flight Refueling system (HIFR)
  • Grounding tester with automatic shutdown
  • Automatic stop for pollutants in fuel
  • Electronic flow meter
  • Adjustable flow
  • Containerized solutions available for standard or customized units
  • Filtration and pumping can go over same skid or separate
  • Overwing/underwing fuelling/defuelling
  • Waste Treatment Solutions

    Dealing with the waste generated onboard according to regulations is mandatory to avoid sanctions and contribute to ocean conservation. Detegasa's waste treatment solutions play a crucial role in achieving these goals.

  • Water Treatment Solutions

    Detegasa’s water treatment Systems ensure clean and sustainable water resources for a better future. Detegasa’s cutting-edge technologies enhance water quality, benefiting both marine ecosystems and human communities.

  • Customized Solutions for Navy

    Detegasa's design and manufacturing capabilities allow us to create customized equipment beyond our standard portfolio. Our bespoke solutions include AFFF firefighting stations, cooling systems, and safety nets for flying decks, among many others.

  • Global after-sales support

    Global after-sales support

    Our Support Team can take care of lifecycle, guaranteeing a smooth commissioning, as well as a right service and maintenance of all the Detegasa equipment.

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